Live Streaming it’s time to capitalize on it

Those days are gone when you have to plan a day from your busy schedule to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Getting a DVD or CD on rent is pretty outdated now. Live streaming paired with high-speed broadband has transformed the viewing of media and content.  Over the top (OTT) content which earlier reachedContinue reading “Live Streaming it’s time to capitalize on it”

Tips to take your hospitality Business back on track Post COVID-19

B2C Info Solutions the best mobile app development company provides some practical digital solutions helping them to tackle the rising demand for hospitality services Post COVID World.

Experience Elegant and Scalable Mobility solutions with B2C Info Solutions

There is no doubt that Apple is an undisputed leader of mobile phones. The company has developed and revolutionized the application industry itself. Today there are apps for everything be it food ordering, cab, and medicines. So every business needs an iPhone and iPad and the iOS platforms have made a huge impact on people’sContinue reading “Experience Elegant and Scalable Mobility solutions with B2C Info Solutions”

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