E-Learning Apps dominating 2020 ahead

Digital solutions are helping each and every domain and education has not lagged behind. With schools and colleges inclining towards digital methodologies for continuing the learning process of students there is a hike for the expert E-learning App Development Company in India

As of the current situation, more than 30% of students are opting for an online course. These numbers will certainly grow in the upcoming years. Keeping in mind the same we can say that e-learning apps are a billion-dollar business nowadays. But to have a feature-enriched and functional mobile app you need to seek the expertise of a professional E-learning App Development Company in India.  Before we move on the apps this here is some reasons recommended by the top-notch E-learning App development Company in India to invest in digital learning solutions.

Why go with e-learning Mobile Applications?

Technological advancements such as the development of educational apps and e-learning modules are redefining the way of traditional education. The trio of parents, teachers, and students are looking for a common platform where they can communicate and collaborate with each other. Here are some reasons these apps have gained so much demand as of now.

  1. These apps organize and promote advance learning
  2. These facilitate different ways of learning
  3. Provides efficient and quick interaction between students and parents
  4. Offers a convenient way of learning
  5. Ensures easy performance tracking

Types of E-learning app solutions 

  1. E-schooling teachers- Education apps developed dedicatedly for the teachers to replace the traditional way of learning. Teachers can assign work or tasks to the students can also track the progress in real-time. 
  • E-learning apps for institutions or Coaching Institutes-   Education applications specially developed for the institutions help those offering online courses where students can enroll in a course from the comfort of their home. With a simple registration, profile creation, and enrollment process, students can learn new courses of their interest. 
  • E-learning apps for pre-scholars-  Teaching pre-scholars is not a child’s play teachers need to think creatively and innovatively to make their kids learn and grow their skills With app development companies like B2C Info Solutions focusing on developing customized and scalable app solutions helping you to grow your business online. 

Apps dominating this year ahead

1. Private Tutor App

With technological innovations and trends, students are more willing to access online services for their educational needs. A private tutor application helps students to communicate with experts through digital platforms. This way, students can easily clear their doubts by questioning an experienced teacher. If required, students can get study material prepared with research work through a personal tutor app. A well experienced and skilled E-learning App Development Company in India can help in providing hassle-free mobility solutions.

2. An App for Handicapped Children

Any edu startup or enterprise can consider this app idea for the students who are physically or mentally handicapped. This app helps students to learn as per their convenience with classes at their homes.

3. Question and Answer App- Searching and making question answers to each chapter ready is a quite tough job for students. Hence taking a textbook’s reference, a question and answer app are developed through which students can find and make the answers easily.

4. Flashcard Apps

This is another study support that helps students to note down all the important points of a topic in a particular subject. Furthermore, they can also make customized flashcards or access the in-built library to search flashcards of other students.

Prime features of this customized app are flashcards with audio, video, pictures, and much more. Students can easily play quizzes; track their development, and more through this app. Moreover, this app is highly feasible to carry around the school as a mobile app and a reliable E-learning App Development Company in India

5. Language Learning app

This app helps beyond learning an image. Instead, it improves your vocabulary You can make language learning apps if you are looking for educational app ideas for students. Many apps in the market enable students to learn various languages such as German, Spanish, and French or practice their English Vocabulary and grammar through fun and game activities.

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