Things to keep in mind while developing an E-commerce App

The share of online retail sales through the mobile medium has increased quite and many studies state that it will witness immense boom by the end of 2020. The cause is that it is a seamless process that customers experience at every tap of your screen. But to have that you need to need the expertise of e-commerce app development Company who would work as per your requirements and likings.

But while availing the development services, some things need to be taken care of. And this blog fetches you important information regarding the E-commerce mobile app development cost in India and things that you should take care of while developing the same. 

1. Security-   The initial idea of all e-commerce apps is to give users the ability to buy products and services by tapping on the screen of their smartphones. The first and foremost element that should be considered is the security of the user’s private data. These kinds of applications require a lot of confidential information of the customers such as Name, Email Id, Contact Number, Card details. so its protection should be your primary concern.

2. Stability- Instability, and crashes are no go for the e-commerce app. Making the app stable should be on the list of priorities if you plan on returning the investments and raise volumes. 

In general, users don’t want to waste their time on the apps which are not consistent and get crashed every time.

3. Scalability-   It measures the app’s potential to handle a great amount of work. As applications gain quite a popularity, it compiles more and more requests to handle. A highly scalable application can maintain and improve efficiency as the load continues to be increased. So this is another major aspect that needs to kept in mind while developing a customer-centric e-commerce app.

4. Highly creative Design

Creating an app for multiple platforms calls for the top-notch design of the app as it will help in creating customer engagement and digital visibility thus generating more leads. The application’s design plays a very key role in reaching the top charts of the app. 

What are the must-have features in your e-commerce app?

Here are some must-have features in the e-commerce app.

1. Signup/ login

2. Product listing with filters

3. Product Detail page

4. Favorites Listing

5. Sharing

6. Ratings and Reviews

7. Safe and secure payment gateway (Card/Net Banking/ Cash on delivery)

8. Delivery Status

9. Add to my cart

10. Check out page

11. Billing and shipping addresses

12. Order history

13. Track Order

14. User profile

15. Automatic email after a purchase

How to increase your e-commerce sales?

The following points show some important points that can help in increasing your sales. 

1. Full Product Descriptions- Product description is one of the major parts of any e-commerce website. It is always recommended to give full and clear descriptions of the products in terms of price, features, sizes, colors, etc.

2. Add videos related to products- Product video is also a major tool that helps in boosting sales, thus it is important to make a detailed video of your product and add it to the product page.

3. Get Customer Reviews- Getting genuine customer reviews of the products will help in building trust and branding of your e-commerce portal. If you get maximum positive reviews for your products then there would more chances of an increase in sales.

4. Clear Call to action- This very important that the app has properly placed a call to action button as the ultimate goal of any e-commerce is making users purchase or buy something.

5. Add Social Sharing Buttons- Social Media sharing buttons must be added to the product page so that more people can share its various social media platforms. These buttons will help your product to reach more number of people.

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