Tips to take your hospitality Business back on track Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought the entire world is facing destructive standstill and loss of human resources With the government putting lockdown in the country non-essential travel, hotel occupancy rates are a fraction of what they usually. According to a recent study, there would be a loss of more 2.5 million to the hospitality industry.

Mobile App Development

But the hoteliers should focus on how will tackle the rise in demand for services post-COVID-19. Is your hotel ready to meet future demands? There would be a sudden change in consumer behavior. Guests will be focusing on availing contactless services.

As the digital transformation becomes a very important key to fight against this deadly infection. So hotels must build digital apps to impart their services like this the solution to combat this monster. 

How to find the Best Mobile App Development Company?

As the change in consumer behavior will be seen and it is a necessity for the proper functioning of hotels. B2C Info Solutions the best mobile app development company provides some practical digital solutions helping them to tackle the rising demand for hospitality services Post COVID World.

1. Branded Hotel App- A personalized app for each hotel property will enable guests to access everything on their devices. From key access to online check-in ordering food to tours of the entire property can be done through a single app. This will not just reduce the usage paper (neglecting menu cards) but it will also decrease the surface for the infection to grow. These apps can be used for making cashless payments thus, there would be any physical contact. All the due bills can be settled online with invoices mailed.

2. Contactless check-ins- This is the next big thing in the hospitality industry thereby removing the requirements of the hotel reception. No long queues, multiple formalities, and other factors that make guests angry. Everything can be done via apps from uploading documents and other major steps. This will eliminate crowds at actual receptions thereby giving guests seamless walk straight to their rooms. 

3. Hotel Tour Via AR/VR- Hotel tours are a big part of the hotel properties. This usually involves a guide along with guests touring to the whole land of the hotel. Now with the use of technology, this can be done using VR (Virtual Assistance) and AR (Augmented Reality) eliminating the need for touring a human being. This same technology can be used for other purposes such as dining, spas, and bars, etc.

How B2C Info Solutions can assist in the hospitality business?

If you are looking for the best iOS or Android app development Company for your next project then B2C Info Solutions can be a perfect technology partner. We have a team of over 70+ highly creative and skilled developers and designers helping in developing scalable and functional app solutions. 

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